We’ve got coverage covered.

We offer financing plans for a variety of elective and outpatient care procedures. From simple dental work to LASIK eye surgery, we help people get the care they deserve.

We’ve got  coverage covered.

Elective Care

We offer financing plans for a variety of elective care procedures. Whether you’re looking to improve your smile, get proactive about dental health, return to 20/20 vision, or feel revitalized through cosmetic or medspa treatments—we can help make it happen.


Hear more of what you love. Whether it’s sharing a story with family, trading a joke with friends, or listening to a favorite podcast—maintaining and improving your hearing health is important.

Cosmetic Surgery

Looking good means feeling good. Let us help you get that cutting-edge cosmetic procedure that'll have you feeling your best.

Dental & Orthodontic

Have a smile worth smiling about by getting the dental care you need. Whether it's a routine filling, a root canal, or orthodontic care, we can help you stay on top of your pearly whites.

Hair Replacement

You don't have to accept losing your hair as a part of life anymore. Get the financing you need to restore bald spots or improve your hairline.

LASIK & Vision

Financing plans are available for everything from upgrading your lenses to LASIK or cataract surgery. No matter what your peepers need, chances are we can help make it happen.

Medical Spas

Who couldn't use a spa day? Get some relaxation and rejuvenation with spa treatments, botox injections, laser hair removal, hydration therapy, and more. Go ahead, it’s time to care for yourself.

Outpatient Care

Sometimes getting the care we need means getting something that’ll help us live a happier, healthier, and more active lifestyle. That’s why we offer financing plans for all kinds of outpatient care from addiction treatment and mental health services to MRIs and knee replacement surgery. Let’s see what we can do to get you back to where you want to be.

Addiction Treatment

It all starts with hope. Find help financing treatment for addiction through PrimaHealth Credit.

Ambulatory Surgery

Thanks to advances in medical technology, many treatments get you in-and-out in the same day. Our financing plans for outpatient surgery can help get back to your regular schedule.

Behavioral Health

We don't talk about our mental health enough. Our financing plans can help you get care for depression, anxiety, relationship, or family issues.

Diagnostic Imaging

Sometimes it’s important to take a deeper look. Thankfully, the best of diagnostic imaging and clinical analysis isn't far away when you have the right financing plan.


Access to financing shouldn't stop you from starting a family. If you've been trying to have a baby without success, we may be able to help you get the fertility treatments you need.

Weight Loss

Lose some weight, gain some confidence. Find out how we can help improve your quality of life with financing for weight loss surgeries, techniques, and procedures.