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Offering a turnkey payment management solution

Patients are increasingly responsible for a greater share of healthcare expenses as high deductible plans become commonplace and as health insurance reimbursement is reduced. As payment responsibility shifts to patients, healthcare providers are struggling to provide modern payment options that consumers expect, and patients are seeking convenient payment options to help pay for out-of-pocket healthcare expenses. PrimaHealth Credit solves these challenges by offering an intuitive, point-of-sale payment solution for out-of-pocket healthcare expenses for both elective care and need-based care.

Pay Assure

PrimaHealth Credit’s payment management solution, Pay Assure, offers healthcare providers a high-quality point-of-sale payment program to help grow long-term revenues. Most patients – even those with credit challenges – will qualify for this program. Through Pay Assure healthcare providers will improve efficiency and reduce costs by allowing PrimaHealth Credit to manage all aspects of the payment program. Pay Assure submits payments to the provider as the payments are received.

Personal Loan Assistant™

PrimaHealth Credit’s Personal Loan Assistant provides loan applicants with an automated and personalized loan education and disclosure experience. The Personal Loan Assistant adapts to the preferences of each user and can help applicants understand the payment and finance options that are available. For healthcare providers the Personal Loan Assistant provides peace of mind by delivering consistent, thorough, and accurate disclosure information to each patient that applies with PrimaHealth Credit.

Provider Benefits:

  • Increased operating income
  • Monthly patient billing
  • Complete loan/payment receivable management
  • Customer service to answer patient questions
  • All applicants are underwritten enabling the provider to select credit tiers

Patient Benefits:

  • Simple mobile application
  • Instant credit decisions
  • Low monthly payments
  • No penalty for early payoff
  • Empowers patients to select from several repayment options

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