Convert More Patients

Helping elective care providers produce more income

Traditional patient finance companies deny approximately 50% of all credit applications for elective care procedures. PrimaHealth Credit helps providers serve more patients – even those with credit challenges – and produce more income by offering the industry’s first turnkey payment management platform. PrimaHealth Credit’s payment program offers high approval rates, low fees, and is complementary to other patient finance options that may already be in-office.

What Providers Have to Say

“PrimaHealth Credit offers us an innovative patient finance and conversion platform. This is a significantly different offering than what is currently available.”
Paul, CFO of a Multi-Unit Elective Care Provider

Increase Treatment Acceptance

PrimaHealth Credit’s cloud-based payment management solution, Pay Assure, is highly automated, easy-to-use, and seamlessly fits into any workflow. Pay Assure enables providers to professionalize existing in-house patient finance programs or to implement a new one. Healthcare providers can select the credit tiers they would like to accept and then our proprietary credit analytics platform does the rest. Patients use a simple mobile application, receive instant credit decisions, and can select from several payment options.

Pay Assure

Pay Assure enables you to offer payment solutions for elective care procedures at the point-of-care. Pay Assure will help you convert more patients, will improve your labor efficiency, and will reduce costs by allowing PrimaHealth Credit to manage loan originations, servicing, and collections for patient payments. Pay Assure is completely paperless and submits payments to you as the loan is repaid.

Pay Assure payment plans are available at rates of 9.99% and 24.99% APR based on an applicants’ credit. A minimum down payment from the patient is recommended. Equal monthly payments will pay the loan balance in full during the loan term. Read additional disclosures

3 months | 6 months | 12 months | 18 months | 24 months | 36 months | 48 months | 60 months

Elective Care Provider Benefits:

  • Increases treatment acceptance rate
  • High approval rates and no set-up fees
  • Customer service to answer patient questions
  • Complementary to other patient finance options

Patient Benefits:

  • Simple mobile application
  • Instant credit decisions
  • Affordable monthly payments
  • No penalty for early payoff

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